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Matrix Family Library Version 8.2

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Matrix Family Library Version 8.2 (January 2010) contains 1166 weight matrices in 386 families classified into the following groups:

The vertebrate group represents binding site descriptions of 5747 transcription factors: The plant group represents binding site descriptions of 927 transcription factors from several plant species.

The fungi group represents binding site descriptions of 140 transcription factors from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

New weight matrices


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
V$BRAC Brachyury gene, mesoderm developmental factor V$SPT.01 T-box gene 16 (tbx16) of zebrafish
V$CEBP Ccaat/Enhancer Binding Protein V$CEBPA.01 CCAAT/enhancer binding protein alpha
V$EREF Estrogen response elements V$ER.04 Estrogen response elements, IR3 sites
V$ETSF Human and murine ETS1 factors V$ELK1.03 ETS-like gene 1 (ELK-1)
V$HDBP Huntington's disease gene regulatory region binding proteins V$HDBP1_2.01 Huntington's disease gene regulatory region-binding protein 1 and 2 (SLC2A4 regulator and papillomavirus binding factor)
V$PERO Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor V$PPARG.02 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma
V$PPARG.03 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma, DR1 sites
V$SALL Spalt-like transcription factors V$SALL1.01 Spalt-like transcription factor 1
V$SRFF Serum response element binding factor V$SRF.04 Serum response factor
V$ZBPF Zinc binding protein factors V$ZKSCAN3.01 Zinc finger with KRAB and SCAN domains 3


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
P$FORC Fungal and oomycete pathogen response cluster - promoter motif P$FORCA.01 Promoter motif enriched in a cluster of Arabidopsis genes co-expressed during immune response
P$GTBX GT-box elements P$ASIL1.01 Arabidopsis 6b-interacting protein 1-like 1
P$HEAT Heat shock factors P$HSFA1A.01 Arabidopsis thaliana class A heat shock factor 1a
P$MADS MADS box proteins P$RIN.01 Tomato MADS-box transcription factor MADS-RIN
P$MYCL Myc-like basic helix-loop-helix binding factors P$PIL5.01 Phytochrome interacting factor3-like 5
P$PSPE Protein secretory pathway element P$TL1.01 Cis-element involved in SA (salicylic acid) induction of secretion-related genes via NPR1
P$WBXF W Box family P$WRKY11.01 Calmodulin binding WRKY transcription factor 11


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
I$ABDB Drosophila Abd-B group I$ABDB.01 Abdominal B
I$ADGC Activator of alcohol dehydrogenase gene, ADF-1 protein I$ADF1.02 Adh transcription factor 1
I$BABF BTB/POZ proteins Bric a brac I$BAB1.01 Bric a brac 1
I$BCDF Bicoid-like homeodomain transcription factors I$BCD.02 Bicoid
I$BEAF Boundary element associated factor I$BEAF32.01 Boundary element-associated factor of 32kD
I$BHLH Drosophila basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors I$TWI.01 Twist
I$CEBP Drosophila C/EBP like bZIP transcription factors I$SLBO.01 Slow border cells
I$DCUT Drosophila homeobox transcription factor with CUT domain I$ONECUT.01 Onecut transcription factor
I$DDVL Drosophila Dorsal Ventral Factor I$DL.03 Dorsal
I$DE74 Drosophila ecdysone induced protein E74A I$EIP74EF.01 Ecdysone-induced protein 74EF
I$DGTF Drosphila giant transcription factor I$GT.01 Giant
I$DHOM Drosophila homeoproteins I$ABDA.01 Abdominal A
I$ANTP.01 Antennapedia
I$ANTP.02 Antennapedia
I$AP.01 Apterous
I$BH2.01 BarH2
I$BSH.01 Brain-specific homeobox
I$BTN.01 Buttonless
I$EMS.01 Empty spiracles
I$EN.01 Engrailed
I$EVE.01 Even skipped
I$EXEX.01 Extra-extra
I$HGTX.01 Hgtx homeobox transcription factor
I$ODSH.01 Ods-site homeobox
I$SLOU.01 Slouch
I$UBX.01 Ultrabithorax
I$ZEN.01 Zerknullt
I$DKRU Drosophila gap gene Krueppel I$KR.02 Krueppel
I$DOVO Drosopohila OVO transcription factor I$OVO.01 Ovo/shavenbaby
I$DREF DNA replication-related element factor I$DREF.01 DNA replication-related element factor
I$DSIX Drosophila Six factors I$SIX4.01 Six4, myotonix
I$DTBX Drosophila T-box transcription factors I$BYN.01 Brachyenteron
I$FKHD Drosophila fork head factors I$BIN.01 Biniou
I$IRXF Iroquois group of transcription factors I$CAUP.01 Iroquois-complex caupolican
I$MIRR.01 Mirror
I$MADF Mothers against decapentaplegic family of transcription factors with MH1 domain I$MED.01 Medea
I$NKXH NK-family of homeodomain transcription factors I$TIN.01 Tinman
I$POUF Transcription factors with POU-domain - N-terminal to homeobox domain I$VVL.01 Ventral veins lacking
I$PRDH Paired homeodomain factors I$PRD.01 Paired
I$SSG1 Small salivary glands-1 I$BRK.01 Brinker
I$TGIF TGIF (TG-interacting factor)-Exd (extradenticle) group I$ACHI.01 Achintya
I$HTH.01 Homothorax
I$VIS.01 Vismay

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