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Matrix Family Library Version 4.2

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Matrix Family Library Version 4.2 (August 2004) contains 592 weight matrices in 267 families classified into the following groups:

New weight matrices


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
V$AIRE Autoimmune regulatory element binding factor V$AIRE.01 Autoimmune regulator
V$ATBF AT-binding transcription factor V$ATBF1.01 AT-binding transcription factor 1
V$BRNF Brn POU domain factors V$BRN2.02 Brn-2, POU-III protein class
V$BRN2.03 Brn-2, POU-III protein class
V$BRN3.02 Brn-3, POU-IV protein class
V$BRN4.01 POU domain transcription factor brain 4
V$BRN5.01 Brn-5, POU-VI protein class (also known as emb and CNS-1)
V$DMTF Cyclin D binding myb-like transcription factor V$DMP1.01 Cyclin D-interacting myb-like protein, DMTF1 - cyclin D binding myb-like transcription factor 1
V$EBOR E-box related factors V$SIP1.01 Smad-interacting protein
V$EGRF EGR/nerve growth factor induced protein C & related factors V$EGR1.02 EGR1, early growth response 1
V$HESF Vertebrate homologues of enhancer of split complex V$HELT.01 Hey-like bHLH-transcriptional repressor
V$HES1.02 Drosophila hairy and enhancer of split homologue 1 (HES-1)
V$PRDF Positive regulatory domain I binding factor V$PRDM1.01 PRDI binding factor 1
V$RORA v-ERB and rar-related Orphan Receptor Alpha V$TR2.01 Nuclear hormone receptor TR2, half site
V$TR4.01 Nuclear hormone receptor TR4 homodimer binding site
V$SP1F GC-Box factors SP1/GC V$TIEG.01 TGFbeta-inducible early gene (TIEG) / Early growth response gene alpha (EGRalpha)
V$TEAF TEA/ATTS DNA binding domain factors V$TEF.01 Thyrotrophic embryonic factor
V$TEF_HLF.01 Thyrotrophic embryonic factor / hepatic leukemia factor


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
P$GBOX Plant G-box/C-box BZIP proteins P$ROM.01 Regulator of MAT (ROM1, ROM2)
P$GTBX GT-box elements P$GT3A.01 Trihelix DNA-binding factor GT-3a
P$HMGF High mobility group factors P$HMG_IY.01 High mobility group I/Y-like proteins
P$LREM Light responsive element motif, not modulated by different light qualities P$ATCTA.01 Motif involved in carotenoid and tocopherol biosynthesis and in the expression of photosynthesis-related genes
P$MYBS MYB proteins with single DNA binding domains P$MYBST1.01 MybSt1 (Myb Solanum tuberosum 1) with a single myb repeat
P$OCSE Enhancer element first identified in the promoter of the octopine synthase gene (OCS) of the Agrobacterium tumefaciens T-DNA P$OCSL.01 OCS-like elements
P$OPAQ Opaque-2 like transcriptional activators P$O2_GCN4.01 Recognition site for BZIP transcription factors that belong to the group of Opaque-2 like proteins
P$SEF4 Soybean embryo factor 4 P$SEF4.01 Soybean embryo factor 4
P$SPF1 Sweet potato DNA-binding factor with two WRKY-domains P$SP8BF.01 DNA-binding protein of sweet potato that binds to the SP8a (ACTGTGTA) and SP8b (TACTATT) sequences of sporamin and beta-amylase genes


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
M$TFAM Mitochondral HMG-box transcription factor M$TFAM.01 Mitochondrial transcription factor TFAM, half site

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