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Matrix Family Library Version 4.1

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Matrix Family Library Version 4.1 (February 2004) contains 564 weight matrices in 262 families classified into the following groups:

New weight matrices


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
V$BNCF Basonuclein rDNA transcription factor (PolI) V$BNC.01 Basonuclin, cooperates with USF1 in rDNA PolI transcription)
V$CMYB C-myb, cellular transcriptional activator V$CMYB.02 c-Myb, important in hematopoesis, cellular equivalent to avian myoblastosis virus oncogene v-myb
V$CP2F CP2-erythrocyte Factor related to drosophila Elf1 V$CP2.02 LBP-1c (leader-binding protein-1c), LSF (late SV40 factor), CP2, SEF (SAA3 enhancer factor)
V$EKLF Basic and erythroid Krueppel like factors V$BKLF.01 Basic krueppel-like factor (KLF3)
V$HAND bHLH transcription factor dimer of HAND2 and E12 V$HAND2_E12.01 Heterodimers of the bHLH transcription factors HAND2 (Thing2) and E12
V$HIFF Hypoxia inducible factor, bHLH / PAS protein family V$DEC1.01 Basic helix-loop-helix protein known as Dec1, Stra13 or Sharp2
V$HNF6 Onecut Homeodomain factor HNF6 V$OC2.01 CUT-homeodomain transcription factor Onecut-2
V$HOXF Factors with moderate activity to homeo domain consensus sequence V$OTX2.01 Homeodomain transcription factor Otx2 (homolog of Drosophila orthodenticle)
V$GSH1.01 Homeobox transcription factor Gsh-1
V$IRFF Interferon Regulatory Factors V$IRF4.01 Interferon regulatory factor (IRF)-related protein (NF-EM5, PIP, LSIRF, ICSAT)
V$LHXF Lim homeodomain factors V$LMX1B.01 LIM-homeodomain transcription factor
V$MYT1 MYT1 C2HC zinc finger protein V$MYT1L.01 Myelin transcription factor 1-like, neuronal C2HC zinc finger factor 1
V$NEUR NeuroD, Beta2, HLH domain V$NEUROG.01 Neurogenin 1 and 3 (ngn1/3) binding sites
V$VMYB AMV-viral myb oncogene V$VMYB.03 v-Myb, viral myb variant from transformed BM2 cells
V$VMYB.04 v-Myb, AMV v-myb
V$VMYB.05 v-Myb, variant of AMV v-myb
V$ZBPF Zinc binding protein factor V$ZNF202.01 Transcriptional repressor, binds to elements found predominantly in genes that participate in lipid metabolism


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
P$AHBP Arabidopsis homeobox protein P$WUS.01 Homeodomain protein WUSCHEL
P$CARM CA-rich motif P$CARICH.01 CA-rich element
P$CGCG Calmodulin binding / CGCG box binding proteins P$ATSR1.01 Arabidopsis thaliana signal-responsive gene1, Ca2+/ calmodulin binding protein homolog to NtER1 (tobacco early ethylene-responsive gene)
P$EPFF EPF-type zinc finger factors, two canonical Cys2/His2 zinc finger motifs separated by spacers of various length P$ZPT22.01 Member of the EPF family of zinc finger transcription factors
P$HEAT Heat shock factors P$HSE.01 Heat shock element
P$L1BX L1 box, motif for L1 layer-specific expression P$ATML1.01 L1-specific homeodomain protein ATML1 (A. thaliana meristem layer 1)
P$LFYB LFY binding site P$LFY.01 Plant specific floral meristem identity gene LEAFY (LFY)
P$MYBL (MYB-like proteins P$CARE.01 CAACTC regulatory elements, GA-inducible
P$STKM Storekeeper motif P$STK.01 Storekeeper (STK), plant specific DNA binding protein important for tuber-specific and sucrose-inducible gene expressio
P$TELO Telo box (plant interstitial telomere motifs) P$ATPURA.01 Arabidopsis Telo-box interacting protein related to the conserved animal protein Pur-alpha


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
I$DSXF Drosophila sex determinating transcription factor doublesex I$DSX.01 Drosophila Doublesex (DSX), involved in sex determination)


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
N$MAB3 C.elegans homolog of Drosophila doublesex N$MAB3.01 C.elegans MAB-3, homolog of D.melanogaster DSX)

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