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Matrix Family Library Version 3.1

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Version 3.1.2

Version 3.1.1

New weight matrices


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
V$LEFF LEF1/TCF V$LEF1.02 TCF/LEF-1, involved in the Wnt signal transduction pathway
V$PAX2 PAX-2 binding sites V$PAX2.01 Zebrafish PAX2 paired domain protein
V$PAX5 PAX-5/PAX-9 B-cell-specific activating protein V$PAX5.03 PAX5 paired domain protein
V$PAX6 PAX-4/PAX-6 paired domain binding sites V$PAX4_PD.01 PAX4 paired domain binding site
V$PAX6.02 PAX6 paired domain and homeodomain are required for binding to this site
V$ZBPF Zinc binding protein factor V$ZF9.01 Core promoter-binding protein (CPBP) with 3 Krueppel-type zinc fingers

Weight matrices modified

The following weight matrices have been replaced by better matrices:

Weight matrices moved to other families

Weight matrices removed

The following weight matrices have been removed: