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Changes from Family Library Version 2.4 to Version 3.0

New weight matrices


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
B$LEXA Bacterial LexA repressor protein involved in SOS response B$LEXA.01 E.coli LexA protein binding site


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
V$AP1F AP1 and related factors V$BACH1.01 BTB/POZ-bZIP transcription factor BACH1 forms heterodimers with the small Maf protein family
V$CIZF CAS interacting zinc finger protein V$NMP4.01 NMP4 (nuclear matrix protein 4) / CIZ (Cas-interacting zinc finger protein)
V$CREB Camp-Responsive Element Binding proteins V$ATF6.02 Activating transcription factor 6, member of b-zip family, induced by ER stress
V$E4FF Ubiquitous GLI - Krueppel like zinc finger involved in cell cycle regulation V$E4F.01 GLI-Krueppel-related transcription factor, regulator of adenovirus E4 promoter
V$GFI1 Growth Factor Independence-transcriptional repressor V$GfI1B.01 Growth factor independence 1 zinc finger protein Gfi-1B
V$GLIF GLI zinc finger family V$GLI1.01 Zinc finger transcription factor GLI1
V$HAML Human Acute Myelogenous Leukemia factors V$AML3.01 Runt-related transcription factor 2 / CBFA1 (core-binding factor, runt domain, alpha subunit 1)
V$HESF Vertebrate homologues of enhancer of split complex V$HES1.01 Drosophila hairy and enhancer of split homologue 1 (HES-1)
V$HIFF Hypoxia inducible factor, bHLH / PAS protein family V$HIF1.01 Hypoxia induced factor-1 (HIF-1)
V$HIF1.02 Hypoxia inducible factor, bHLH / PAS protein family
V$HNF6 Onecut Homeodomain factor HNF6 V$HNF6.01 Liver enriched Cut - Homeodomain transcription factor HNF6 (ONECUT)
V$HOXF Factors with moderate activity to homeodomain consensus sequence V$CRX.01 Cone-rod homeobox-containing transcription factor / otx-like homeobox gene
V$EN1.01 Homeobox protein engrailed (en-1)
V$PTX1.01 Pituitary Homeobox 1 (Ptx1)
V$IRFF Interferon Regulatory Factors V$IRF3.01 Interferon regulatory factor 3 (IRF-3)
V$IRF7.01 Interferon regulatory factor 7 (IRF-7)
V$MAZF Myc associated zinc fingers V$MAZ.01 Myc associated zinc finger protein (MAZ)
V$MAZR.01 MYC-associated zinc finger protein related transcription factor
V$MEIS Homeodomain factor aberrantly expressed in myeloid leukemia V$MEIS1.01 Binding site for monomeric Meis1 homeodomain protein
V$MITF Microphthalmia transcription factor V$MIT.01 MIT (microphthalmia transcription factor) and TFE3
V$MOKF Mouse Krueppel like factor V$MOK2.02 Ribonucleoprotein associated zinc finger protein MOK-2 (human)
V$NEUR NeuroD, Beta2, HLH domain V$NEUROD1.01 DNA binding site for NEUROD1 (BETA-2 / E47 dimer)
V$NF1F Nuclear Factor 1 V$NF1.02 Nuclear factor 1 (CTF1)
V$NKXH NKX/DLX - Homeodomain sites V$DLX1.01 DLX-1, -2, and -5 binding sites
V$DLX3.01 Distal-less 3 homeodomain transcription facto
V$HMX3.01 H6 homeodomain HMX3/Nkx5.1 transcription factor
V$MSX.01 Homeodomain proteins MSX-1 and MSX-2
V$MSX2.01 Muscle segment homeo box 2, homologue of Drosophila (HOX 8)
V$NRLF Neural retina leucine zipper V$NRL.01 Neural retinal basic leucine zipper factor (bZIP)
V$PARF PAR/bZIP family V$DBP.01 Albumin D-box binding protein
V$PBXC PBX1 - MEIS1 complexes V$PBX1_MEIS1.01 Binding site for a Pbx1/Meis1 heterodimer
V$PBX1_MEIS1.02 Binding site for a Pbx1/Meis1 heterodimer
V$PBX1_MEIS1.03 Binding site for a Pbx1/Meis1 heterodimer
V$PLZF C2H2 zinc finger protein PLZF V$PLZF.01 Promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger (TF with nine Krueppel-like zinc fingers)
V$PXRF Pregnane X receptor V$PXRCAR.01 Halfsite of PXR (pregnane X receptor)/RXR resp. CAR (constitutive androstane receptor)/RXR heterodimer binding site
V$RORA v-ERB and rar-related Orphan Receptor Alpha V$NBRE.01 Monomers of the nur subfamily of nuclear receptors (nur77, nurr1, nor-1)
V$SF1F Vertebrate steroidogenic factor V$FTF.01 Alpha (1)-fetoprotein transcription factor (FTF), liver receptor homologue-1 (LHR-1)
V$SIXF Sine oculis (SIX) homeodomain factors V$SIX3.01 SIX3 / SIXdomain (SD) and Homeodomain (HD) transcription factor
V$TALE TALE Homeodomain class recognizing TG motives V$TGIF.01 TG-interacting factor belonging to TALE class of homeodomain factors
V$ZF5F ZF5 POZ domain zinc finger V$ZF5.01 Zinc finger / POZ domain transcription factor

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