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Matrix Family Library Version 11.0

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Matrix Family Library Version 11.0 (September 2017) contains 2029 weight matrices in 482 families classified into the following groups:

The vertebrate group represents binding site descriptions of 9968 transcription factors: The plant group represents binding site descriptions of 1190 transcription factors from several plant species.

The fungi group represents binding site descriptions of 140 transcription factors from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

New weight matrices


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
V$AP1R MAF and AP1 related factors V$MAFK.02 v-maf avian musculoaponeurotic fibrosarcoma oncogene homolog K (NFE2U)
V$BTBF BTB/POZ (broad complex, TramTrack, Bric-a-brac/pox viruses and zinc fingers) transcription factor V$KAISO.02 Transcription factor Kaiso, ZBTB33
V$CALM Calmodulin-binding transcription factors V$CAMTA.01 Calmodulin-binding transcription activator (CAMTA1, CAMTA2)
V$CEBP Ccaat/Enhancer Binding Protein V$CEBPA.02 CCAAT/enhancer binding protein alpha
V$EBOX E-box binding factors V$USF2.01 Upstream transcription factor 2, c-fos interacting
V$ETSF Human and murine ETS1 factors V$ELK1.04 ETS-like gene 1 (ELK-1)
V$ELK4.02 ELK4, ETS-domain protein (SRF accessory protein 1)
V$FLI1.02 Friend leukemia virus integration 1
V$FLI1.03 Friend leukemia virus integration 1
V$GATA GATA binding factors V$GATA6.02 GATA binding protein 6
V$GREF Glucocorticoid responsive and related elements V$ARE.04 Androgene receptor binding site, IR3 sites
V$HEAT Heat shock factors V$HSF1.05 Heat shock factor 1
V$LHXF Lim homeodomain factors V$LMX1A.02 LIM homeobox transcription factor 1, alpha
V$NBRE NGFI-B response elements, nur subfamily of nuclear receptors V$NUR77.01 Nuclear hormone receptor NUR77 (NR4A1)
V$NEUR NeuroD, Beta2, HLH domain V$NEUROD1.02 Neuronal differentiation 1
V$NKRF Nuclear factor-kappaB repressing factor V$NKRF.01 NFKB repressing factor (NRF)
V$OCT1 Octamer binding protein V$OCT2.02 Octamer-binding transcription factor-2, POU class 2 homeobox 2 (POU2F2)
V$P53F p53 tumor suppressor V$TP63.02 Tumor protein p63
V$PAX6 PAX-4/PAX-6 paired domain binding sites V$PAX6.05 Paired box factor 6
V$XBBF X-box binding factors V$RFX6.01 Regulatory factor X6 (RFXDC1)
V$ZF16 C2H2 zinc finger transcription factors 16 V$PRDM15.01 PR/SET domain 15
V$ZF17 C2H2 zinc finger transcription factors 17 V$ZNF32.01 Zinc finger protein 32 (KOX 30)


Family Family Information Matrix Name Matrix Information
P$ABRE ABA response elements P$ABF2.01 Abscisic acid responsive elements-binding factor 2 (AREB-1)
P$ABI5.01 Abscisic acid insensitive 5 (bZIP12, EEL)
P$AREB3.01 ABA-responsive element binding protein 3
P$AGP1 Plant GATA-type zinc finger protein P$GATA11.01 GATA transcription factor 11
P$GATA19.01 GATA transcription factor 19 (HANABA TARANU LIKE 2, HANL2)
P$GATA4.01 GATA transcription factor 4
P$AHBP Arabidopsis homeobox protein P$ATHB9.02 PHAVOLUTA (Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-9)
P$ATHB51.02 Late Meristem Identity 1 (AtHB51, LMI1)
P$ATHB13.01 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-13
P$ATHB15.01 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-15 (INCURVATA 4)
P$ATHB18.0 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-18
P$ATHB20.01 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-20
P$ATHB21.01 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-21
P$ATHB23.01 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-23
P$ATHB24.01 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-24
P$ATHB25.01 Homeobox protein 25
P$ATHB32.01 Homeobox protein 32
P$ATHB33.01 Homeobox protein 33
P$ATHB34.01 Homeobox protein 34
P$ATHB40.01 Homeobox protein 40
P$ATHB5.02 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-5
P$ATHB53.01 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-53
P$ATHB6.01 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-6
P$ATHB7.01 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-7
P$HAT2.01 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein HAT2
P$ARID ARID/BRIGHT DNA-binding domain-containing transcription factors P$AT1G20910.01 ARID/BRIGHT DNA-binding domain-containing protein
P$BBZF B-box type zinc finger-containing proteins P$BBX31.01 B-box domain protein 31
P$BRRE Brassinosteroid (BR) response element P$BZR1.03 Brassinazole-resistant 1 protein
P$BEH2.01 BBES1/BZR1-like protein 2 (AT4G36780)
P$BEH3.01 BBES1/BZR1-like protein 3 (AT4G18890)
P$BEH4.01 BES1/BZR1 homolog 4 (AT1G78700)
P$C3HF CCCH domain-containing factors P$AT3G12130.01 KH and zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein
P$ZF67.01 Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 67 (AT5G63260)
P$CCAF Circadian control factors P$RVE1.02 Myb family transcription factor REVEILLE 1
P$RVE8.01 REVEILLE 8 (LHY-CCA1-like5, LCL5)
P$AT3G10113.01 Myb family transcription factor At3g10113
P$EPR1.01 Early-phytochrome-responsive 1 (REVEILLE 7)
P$LCL1.01 LHY/CCA1-like 1 (REVEILLE 4)
P$LHY1.01 Late elongated hypocotyl 1
P$CCCH Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing proteins P$CDM1.01 Callose Defective Microspore 1 (zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 15)
P$CGCG Calmodulin binding / CGCG box binding proteins P$CAMTA1.01 Calmodulin-binding transcription activator 1 (AtSR2)
P$COLD Master regulators of cold-induced flowering P$VRN1.01 Reduced Vernalization Response 1
P$DOFF DNA binding with one finger (DOF) P$DAG2.02 DOF Affecting Germination 2
P$DOF1.6.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF1.6 (AT1G47655)
P$DOF1.8.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF1.8 (AT1G64620)
P$DOF1.10.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF1.10 (AT1G69570, HPPBF-2b)
P$DOF2.2.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF2.2 (AT2G28810)
P$DOF3.2.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF3.2 (AT3G45610)
P$DOF3.5.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF3.5 (AT3G52440)
P$DOF4.7.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF4.7 (AT4G38000)
P$DOF5.1.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF5.1 (AT5G02460)
P$HCA2.01 High Cambial Activity 2 (AT5G62940, DOF5.6)
P$DOF5.8.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF5.8 (AT5G66940)
P$CDF3.01 Cyclic DOF factor 3
P$COG1.01 Dof zinc finger protein COGWHEEL1
P$DOF2.4.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF2.4
P$DOF4.2.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF4.2
P$DOF4.5.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF4.5
P$OBP1.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF3.4 (OBF binding protein 1)
P$OBP3.01 Zinc finger protein OBP3
P$OBP4.01 Dof zinc finger protein DOF5.4 (OBF binding protein 4)
P$DREB Dehydration responsive element binding factors P$AT1G12630.01 Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein A-4
P$AT1G77200.01 ERF/AP2 transcription factor family protein DREB A-4
P$CBF1.01 C-repeat-binding factor 2 (DREB1B)
P$CBF2.01 C-repeat-binding factor 2 (DREB1C
P$CBF3.01 C-repeat-binding factor 3 (DREB1A)
P$CBF4.01 C-repeat-binding factor 4 (DREB1D)
P$CEJ1.01 Cooperatively regulated by ethylene and jasmonate 1 (DEAR1)
P$DDF1.02 Dwarf and Delayed Flowering 1
P$DDF2.01 Dwarf and Delayed Flowering 2
P$DEAR2.01 DREB and EAR motif protein 2
P$DEAR3.02 DREB and EAR motif protein 3
P$DEAR4.03 DREB and EAR motif protein 4 (RAP2.10)
P$DEAR5.01 DREB and EAR motif protein 5 (RAP2.9)
P$DREB19.01 Dehydration response element-binding protein 19
P$ERF014.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF014 (AT1G44830)
P$ERF015.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF015 (AT4G31060)
P$ERF017.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF017 (AT1G19210)
P$ERF019.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF019 (AT1G22810)
P$ERF043.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF043 (AT4G32800)
P$ERF38.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF038
P$ERF023.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF023 (AT1G01250)
P$ERF039.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF039 (AT4G16750)
P$RAP2.1.02 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor RAP2-1
P$TINY.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor TINY
P$ERF055.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF055 (AT1G36060)
P$FUF1.01 FYF Up-regulating 321 Factor 1 (AT1G71450)
P$DREB2G.01 Dehydration-responsive element-binding protein 2G (AT5G18450)
P$E2FF E2F-homolog cell cycle regulators P$DEL2.01 DP-E2F-like protein 2
P$E2FA.01 E2F transcription factor 3
P$EINL Ethylen insensitive 3 like factors P$EIN3.01 Protein ethylene insensitive 3
P$EPFF EPF-type zinc finger factors, two canonical Cys2/His2 zinc finger motifs separated by spacers of various length P$STZ.01 Salt tolerance zinc finger (ZAT10)
P$FBHF Flowering bHLH factors P$FBH1.01 Flowering bHLH 1
P$FBH3.01 Flowering bHLH 3
P$FRSF FAR1-related sequence factor P$FRS9.01 FAR1-related sequence 9
P$GAGA GAGA elements P$BPC1.01 Basic Pentacysteine 1
P$GAZL GA- and ABA-responsive zinc finger like faktors P$GAL3.01 GAZ-like 3 (AT5G22990)
P$GBOX Plant G-box/C-box bZIP proteins P$HY5.01 bZIP transcription factor Elongated Hypocotyl 5
P$BZIP3.01 Basic leucine-zipper 3
P$BZIP53.01 Basic region/leucine zipper motif 53 protein
P$GBF5.01 G-box binding factor 5 (bZIP2)
P$GBF6.01 G-box binding factor 6 (bZIP11, ATB2)
P$BZIP68.01 Basic region/leucine zipper transcription factor 68
P$GBF3.01 G-box binding factor 3
P$BZIP16.01 Basic region/leucine zipper transcription factor 16
P$BZIP28.01 Basic leucine-zipper 28
P$BZIP44.01 Basic leucine-zipper 44
P$BZIP48.01 Basic leucine-zipper 48
P$GCCF GCC box family P$ABR1.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ABR1
P$CRF10.01 Cytokinin Response Factor 10
P$ERF057.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF057 (AT5G65130)
P$ERF087.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF087 (AT1G28160)
P$ERF091.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF091 (AT4G18450)
P$ERF10.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 10)
P$ERF105.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 105
P$ERF11.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 11
P$ERF112.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF112 (AT2G33710)
P$ERF115.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 115
P$ERF2.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 2
P$ERF3.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 3
P$ERF4.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 4 (RAP2.5)
P$ERF5.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 5
P$ERF7.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 7
P$ERF8.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 8
P$ESE1.01 Ethylene and salt inducible 1
P$ESE3.01 Ethylene and salt inducible 3
P$LEP.01 LEAFY Petiole
P$RAP2.11.02 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor RAP2-11
P$RAP2.12.02 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor RAP2-12
P$RAP2-6.03 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor RAP2-6
P$RRTF1.04 Redox responsive transcription factor 1
P$ERF15.01 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor 15 (AT2G31230)
P$GCFF Guard cell fate factors P$MYB88.01 Myb domain protein 88
P$GLKF Golden2-like factors P$HHO3.01 HRS1 Homolog 3 (AT1G25550)
P$HHO6.01 HRS1 Homolog 6 (AT1G49560)
P$HHO2.01 HRS1 Homolog 2 (AT1G68670)
P$AT2G40260.01 G2-like family protein
P$AT3G12730.01 Myb family transcription factor (G2-like family)
P$MYR2.01 Myb-related protein 2 (G2-like family) (AT3G04030)
P$PHL2.01 PHR1-like 2 (G2-like family)(AT3G24120)
P$UIF1.01 ULT1 interacting factor 1 (AT4G37180)
P$GRFF Growth regulating factor family P$ATGRF6.01 Growth-regulating factor 6
P$ATGRF9.01 Growth-regulating factor 9
P$GTBX GT-box elements P$GT1.02 Trihelix transcription factor GT-1
P$AT1G76880.01 Trihelix transcription factor AT1G76880 (DF1)
P$GT2.01 Trihelix transcription factor GT-2
P$GTL1.01 Trihelix transcription factor GTL1
P$HEAT Heat shock factors P$HSFA4A.01 Heat stress transcription factor A-4a (HSF21)
P$HSFA1B.01 Heat stress transcription factor A-1b (HSF3)
P$HSFC1.03 Heat stress transcription factor C-1
P$HSFB2A.02 Heat stress transcription factor B-2a (HSF6)
P$HSFB2B.01 Heat stress transcription factor B-2b (HSF7)
P$HSFA6B.01 Heat stress transcription factor A-6b
P$HSFB3.01 Heat stress transcription factor B-3
P$AT3G09735.01 DNA-binding protein S1FA3
P$IDDF ID domain factors P$ENY.01 C2H2-like zinc finger protein ENHYDROUS (AtIDD1) (AT5G66730)
P$IDD11.01 Indeterminate(ID)-domain 11 (AtIDD11)
P$IDD4.01 Indeterminate(ID)-domain 4 protein (IMPERIAL EAGLE)
P$IDD5.01 Indeterminate(ID)-domain 5 protein (RAVEN)
P$IDD7.01 Indeterminate(ID)-domain 7 protein
P$JKD.01 Zinc finger protein JACKDAW
P$MGP.01 Zinc finger protein MAGPIE
P$SGR5.01 Shoot gravitropism 5 (IDD15)
P$KAN1 Transcription repressor KANADI P$AT2G01060.01 G2-like family protein
P$EFM.01 Early Flowering MYB Protein (AT2G03500)
P$AT2G20400.01 Myb-like HTH transcriptional regulator-like protein (G2-like family protein)
P$AT5G45580.01 G2-like family protein
P$PHL1.01 PHR1-like 1 (AT5G29000)
P$L1BX L1 box, motif for L1 layer-specific expression P$PDF2.02 Protodermal factor 2
P$HDG1.01 Homeodomain GLABROUS 1
P$LBDF LOB domain factors P$LOB.02 Lateral organ boundaries
P$ASL18.01 Asymmetric leaves2-like 18 (LOB domain-containing protein 16)
P$LBD13.01 LOB domain-containing protein 13
P$LBD18.01 LOB domain-containing protein 18
P$LBD19.01 LOB domain-containing protein 19
P$LEGB Legumin Box family P$FUSCA3.02 B3 domain-containing transcription factor FUS3
P$MADS MADS box proteins P$AGL15.03 Floral homeotic protein AGL15
P$GOA.01 MADS-box protein GORDITA (AGL63)
P$SVP.01 Short Vegetative Phase
P$MIIG MYB IIG-type binding sites P$ATMYB61.02 Myb domain protein 61
P$BOS1.01 Botrytis-susceptible1 (MYB108)
P$MS188.01 Male sterile 188 (MYB103)
P$MYB107.01 Myb domain protein 107
P$MYB116.01 Myb domain protein 116
P$MYB121.01 Myb domain protein 121
P$MYB13.01 Myb domain protein 13
P$MYB27.01 Myb domain protein 27
P$MYB49.01 Myb domain protein 49
P$MYB55.03 Myb domain protein 55
P$MYB57.01 Myb domain protein 57
P$MYB58.01 Myb domain protein 58
P$MYB62.01 Myb domain protein 62 (BW62B)
P$MYB63.01 Myb domain protein 63
P$MYB67.01 Myb domain protein 67 (ATY53)
P$MYB74.01 Myb domain protein 74
P$MYB93.01 Myb domain protein 93
P$MYB99.01 Myb domain protein 99 (ATMYBCU15)
P$MITO Mitochondrial transcription factors P$AT5G23930.01 Mitochondrial transcription termination factor family protein (mTERF)
P$MSAE M-phase-specific activator elements P$MYB3R1.01 Myb-related protein 3R-1 (PC-MYB1)
P$MYB3R4.01 Myb domain protein 3R-4
P$MYB3R5.01 Myb domain protein 3R-5
P$MYBL MYB-like proteins P$ATMYB77.02 R2R3-MYB transcription factor AtMYB77
P$MYB96.02 Myb domain protein 96
P$MYB98.01 Myb domain protein 98
P$MYBR1.02 Myb domain protein R1 (ATMYB44)
P$ATY13.01 Myb domain protein 31 (AtMYB31)
P$MYB101.01 Myb domain protein 101 (ATM1)
P$MYB118.01 Myb domain protein 118 (Plant Growth Activator 37, PGA37)
P$MYB119.01 Myb domain protein 119
P$MYB33.01 Myb domain protein 33
P$MYB56.01 Myb domain protein 56
P$MYB65.01 Myb domain protein 65
P$MYB70.01 Myb domain protein 70
P$MYB73.01 Myb domain protein 73
P$MYBS MYB proteins with single DNA binding repeat P$AT1G19000.01 Myb family transcription factor AT1G19000
P$MYBS1.01 Myb/SANT-like DNA-binding domain-containing protein MYBS1
P$MYBS2.01 Duplicated SANT DNA-binding domain-containing protein MYBS2
P$AT1G74840.01 Myb family transcription factor AT1G74840
P$ATDIV1.01 DIVARICATA 1 (myb related R-R-type factor AT5G58900)
P$ATDIV5.01 DIVARICATA 5 (VHA-B1-interacting transcription factor AT3G11280)
P$ATDIV6.01 DIVARICATA 6 (myb/SANT-like DNA-binding domain-containing protein AT5G05790)
P$MYBH.01 Myb hypocotyl elongation-related (AT5G47390, KUODA1)
P$AT5G56840.01 Myb family transcription factor At5g56840
P$AT5G61620.01 Myb family transcription factor At5g61620
P$MYCL Myc-like basic helix-loop-helix binding factors P$BIM1.01 BES1-interacting Myc-like protein 1
P$BIM2.01 BES1-interacting Myc-like protein 2
P$BAM8.01 Beta-Amylase 8 (BMY2)
P$BPE.01 Transcription factor Big Petal (AT1G59640)
P$NACD NAC domain transcription factors P$ANAC017.01 NAC domain containing protein 17
P$ANAC050.01 NAC domain containing protein 50
P$ANAC057.01 NAC domain containing protein 57
P$ANAC103.01 NAC domain containing protein 103
P$ANAC045.01 NAC domain containing protein 45
P$ANAC028.01 NAC domain containing protein 28
P$ANAC016.01 NAC domain containing protein 16
P$ANAC013.01 NAC domain containing protein 13
P$AT1G19040.01 NAC (No Apical Meristem) domain transcriptional regulator superfamily protein
P$ANAC058.01 NAC domain containing protein 58
P$ANAC053.01 NAC domain containing protein 53
P$ANAC020.01 NAC domain containing protein 20
P$ANAC038.01 NAC domain containing protein 38
P$ANAC096.01 NAC domain containing protein 96
P$NAC2.01 NAC domain containing protein 2
P$NACF Plant specific NAC [NAM (no apical meristem), ATAF172, CUC2 (cup-shaped cotyledons 2)] transcription factors P$ANAC092.03 NAC domain containing protein 92 (NAC6)
P$ANAC087.01 NAC domain containing protein 87
P$ANAC079.01 NAC domain containing protein 79 (AT5G07680)
P$NIGS NACL-inducible genes P$NIG1.01 NACL-inducible gene 1
P$NTMF NAC factors with transmembrane motif P$NTL6.02 NTM1-LIKE 6 (NAC domain containing protein 62)
P$NTL8.02 NAC with transmembrane mtif 1-like 8 (NTL8/NTM1-like 8)
P$NTM1.01 NAC with transmembrane motif 1
P$ANAC005.01 NAC domain containing protein 5
P$PAHD Paired amphipathic helix domain factors P$AT1G24250.01 Paired amphipathic helix domain-containing protein
P$RAV3 3'-part of bipartite RAV1 binding site P$NGA4.01 B3 domain-containing transcription factor NGA4
P$RAV5 5'-part of bipartite RAV1 binding site P$RAV1.01 AP2/ERF and B3 domain-containing transcription factor RAV1
P$RKDS RWP-RK domain proteins P$RKD2.01 RWP-RK domain containing 2
P$SAMM Shoot apical meristem (SAM) maintenance factors P$SHA2.01 Shoot-apical-meristem arrest 2 (AT5G08750)
P$SBPD SBP-domain proteins P$SPL1.03 Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 1
P$SPL13.01 Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 13
P$SPL14.02 Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 14
P$SPL5.01 Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 5
P$SPL9.01 Squamosa promoter-binding-like protein 9
P$STKL Storekeeper like transcriptional regulators P$ATSTKL.01 DNA-binding storekeeper protein-related transcriptional regulator (AT4G00250)
P$SWNS Secondary wall NACs P$SMB.01 SOMBRERO (NAC domain containing protein 33)
P$BRN2.01 BEARSKIN 2 (NAC domain containing protein 70)
P$NST1.01 NAC secondary wall thickening promoting factor 1
P$VND1.01 Vascular related NAC-domain protein 1
P$VND2.01 Vascular related NAC-domain protein 2
P$VND3.01 Vascular related NAC-domain protein 3
P$VND6.01 Vascular related NAC-domain protein 6
P$ANAC071.01 NAC domain containing protein 71
P$ANAC004.01 NAC domain containing protein 4
P$TCPF DNA-binding proteins with the plant specific TCP-domain P$ATTCP20.02 TCP domain protein 2 (Teosinte branched 1)
P$TCP15.02 Transcription factor TCP15 (AT1G69690)
P$TCP22.01 Transcription factor TCP22 (AT1G72010)
P$TCP9.01 TCP domain protein 9 (AT2G45680)
P$TCP21.01 TCP domain protein 21 (AT5G08330)
P$TCP24.01 TCP domain protein 24
P$TCP3.01 TEOSINTE BRANCHED 1, cycloidea and PCF transcription factor 3
P$TCP7.01 TCP domain protein 7
P$TCXF CRC domain containing tesmin/TSO1-like CXC (TCX) factors P$TCX2.01 TESMIN/TSO1-like CXC 2
P$TCX6.01 TESMIN/TSO1-like CXC 6 (At2G20110)
P$SOL1.01 CXC domain containing TSO1-like protein 1 (TCX3)
P$TDTF Transposase-derived transcription factors P$FAR1.01 FAR-RED Impaired Response 1
P$TELO Telo box (plant interstitial telomere motifs) P$TRP5.01 Telomere repeat-binding protein 5
P$TBP3.01 Telomere binding protein 3 (TRB2)
P$TRP2.01 Telomere repeat-binding protein 2 (TRFL1)
P$TRP1.01 Telomere repeat-binding protein 1
P$TGAF Basic/leucine zipper-type transcription factors of the TGA-family - TGACG motif-binding factors P$TGA10.01 bZIP transcription factor TGA10 (bZIP65)
P$TGA1.02 bZIP transcription factor TGA1 (bZIP47)
P$TGA2.03 Transcription factor TGA2 (AHBP-1B)
P$TGA3.01 Transcription factor TGA3
P$TGA4.01 Transcription factor TGA4 (OBF4)
P$OBF5.01 OCS-element binding factor 5 (bZIP26, TGA5)
P$TGA7.01 Transcription factor TGA7 (bZIP50)
P$TRIH Trihelix domain transcription factors P$ASIL2.01 Arabidopsis 6B-interacting protein 1-like 2 (AT3G14180)
P$VFP5.01 Trihelix-domain transcription factor VFP5 (AT5G05550)
P$VRES VIP1 responsive elements P$VIP1.02 VIRE2-interacting protein 1
P$BZIP18.01 Basic leucine-zipper 18 (AT2G40620)
P$BZIP52.01 Basic leucine-zipper 52
P$WBXF W Box family P$WRKY18.02 WRKY DNA-binding protein 18
P$AT3G42860.01 CCHC-type zinc knuckle protein
P$WRKY14.01 WRKY DNA-binding protein 14
P$WRKY15.01 WRKY DNA-binding protein 15
P$WRKY20.01 WRKY DNA-binding protein 20
P$WRKY21.01 WRKY transcription factor 21
P$WRKY22.01 WRKY transcription factor 22
P$WRKY24.01 WRKY DNA-binding protein 24
P$WRKY25.01 WRKY DNA-binding protein 25
P$WRKY28.01 WRKY DNA-binding protein 28
P$WRKY29.01 WRKY transcription factor 29
P$WRKY3.01 Elicitor response element binding protein WRKY3 isilog
P$WRKY33.01 WRKY DNA-binding protein 33
P$WRKY40.01 WRKY DNA-binding protein 40
P$WRKY45.02 WRKY DNA-binding protein 45
P$WRKY50.01 WRKY DNA-binding protein 50
P$WRKY55.01 WRKY transcription factor 55
P$WRKY65.01 WRKY transcription factor 65
P$WRKY70.02 WRKY transcription factor 70
P$WRKY7.01 WRKY transcription factor 7
P$WRKY71.01 WRKY transcription factor 71
P$WRKY75.01 WRKY transcription factor 75
P$WRKY8.01 WRKY transcription factor 8
P$YABB Yabby family of transcription factors P$CRC.01 Yabby transcription factor CRABS CLAW

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