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Genomatix Expertise

For more than 15 years research has been the driving force behind our daily work at Genomatix and we are determined to keep it that way. It's the engine that propels fundamental advances in biology and medicine. Our ever-increasing know-how helps keep this motor running and – wherever we can – make it even more powerful than it is today.


Here you can find a list of publications from the members of our team as well as customer and collaborative papers. We're always happy to tell you more details if any of the papers has sparked your interest and of course we're also open to new scientific collaborations.


Satisfied customers are the best advocates for our solutions and services. You can find some testimonials on the references page. What do YOU think how we're doing?


Working with scientists and researchers outside the company has always been an important contribution to our aim to provide the best technologies for analyzing and interpreting biological data. Therefore we're always happy to collaborate in national and international scientific projects.