Genomatix and Personalized Medicine.

Personalized Medicine for Healthcare Providers

The road is long. But we are on track.

Personalized medicine has the potential to transform our health care system. By tapping into molecular and genetic information, this approach can predict susceptibility to disease. And in allowing more granular diagnoses of diseases, personalized medicine opens the door to more proactive care. But how else will it have an impact on the way we deliver health care? Not only will personalized medicine require new regulation, it will add a new dimension to medical education and integrated health information technology. Airtight patient privacy will prove equally important as data generated by personalized medicine may pose ethical dilemmas.

Where do health insurance companies fit in during this transformation? They have been tasked with taking action on two fronts: encourage preventive medicine, and invest money in advanced personalized medicine technologies. Both initiatives serve the same purpose: achieve better, stratified patient treatment which could ultimately save money across our health care system. Today, physicians need to gain access to the tests, treatments and technology that enable them to apply personalized care. Many challenges await on the horizon – as well as a much-needed investment period – but the journey toward healthier society is already underway.