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Release August 2013: New package and menu structure

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A comparison of the old and new menu structure of the Genomatix Suite

In the August 2013 Release, the Genomatix Software Suite main menu has been restructured into the four main packages

Below you will find a comparison of the old and new Genomatix Suite packages and menus to allow you to quickly find the tasks you are looking for.

Old Genomatix Suite main menu New Genomatix Suite main menu

Main Packages

Old Package Name New Package Name
GePS (Genomatix Pathway System)
LitInspector (Literature Mining)
Literature & Pathways
MatInspector (Search TF Binding Sites) Gene Regulation -> MatInspector
MatBase (Transcription Factor Knowledge Base) Gene Regulation -> MatBase (TF database)
ElDorado (Genome Annotation and Browser)
Gene2Promoter (Retrieve & Analyze Promoters)
Genes & Genomes
GEMS Launcher (Sequence Analysis & Modeling Software) Gene Regulation
RegionMiner (Genomic Region Analysis) Genes & Genomes
Gene Regulation

Navigation Menu - Tasks

The table below shows the old and new menu of all GenomatixSuite tasks. Tasks that have been moved to a different menu are highlighted in yellow.

Old Menu Tasks New Menu
NGS Analysis ChIP-Seq Workflow
Expression Analysis for RNA-Seq
Clustering NGS data (Peak Finding)
CNV analysis
microRNA analysis
NGS Analysis
Annotation & Statistics
Variant Analysis
Orthologous Regions
Genes & Genomes
Overrepresented TF binding sites Gene Regulation
Literature & Pathways GePS (Pathway System)
Literature & Pathways
Genomes & Data Gene Overview
Genome Browser
Transcriptome Viewer
Genes & Genomes
MatBase Gene Regulation
Pattern Search & Analysis
Pattern Definition
Alignment & Mapping
Common TFs Gene Regulation
Restriction sites Gene Regulation -> MatInspector
All other tasks
e.g. FrameWorker, ModelInspector, DiAlign
Gene Regulation submenu
"Regulatory Pattern Definition & Search"
Tools Sequence tools
BED file tools
BAM file tools
Orthologous GeneIDs
List comparison
GeneRanker Genes & Genomes